The social landscape is rapidly changing if we consider the many new features constantly being added, the algorithms constantly evolving, and the social platforms constantly growing or declining in popularity. Therefore, keeping up to date with the latest social media trends becomes essential for every social media manager who wants to succeed in marketing today.

We've got you covered with these must-follow social media marketing best practices for a performance bump this year. 

Let's dive in!


Understand Your Target Audience

When researching your potential customer, try to find out more about them than just their basic demographic information. Don't think of your customers in terms of their demographics, but rather understand them as real people with unique interests, challenges, and wants.

To better understand who your customers are and how they interact with your product, you can create a customer profile and structure your information about them the same way you would write a book. Build a buyer persona with information like interests and hobbies, buying behavior, challenges they are facing, desires, types of content they enjoy, and the devices they use most to shop or consume content.


Post Diversified Content

Think of your social media accounts as a playground. And picture your content like the toys in it.

If a potential customer liked your page and saw that you only posted about your business, they would eventually get bored of seeing the same posts each time and unfollow you — the opposite of what you want them to do.

To avoid this, you must create a diverse content plan and offer your audience content to inform, educate, entertain, and get them to interact with you.


Post Video Content

Video content is King! One thing that cannot be overlooked is the importance of posting videos on all your social media platforms. Videos get the most organic engagement from readers out of any other type of content.

To get the most engagement from your video content, upload the videos directly to your social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. That's just because the platform aims to keep its users online as much as possible for as long as possible.


Define your Social Media Voice and Tone

To keep the brand's image consistent, you must portray a similar voice across different social media channels. Keeping a steady stream of content on social media is often considered a good idea. You need to share and post similar content on all the channels to appear consistent. This shows professionalism in your brand identity and allows others to know about your uniform style.


Optimize Your Social Profiles For Maximum Exposure

If your social profiles don't include the most up-to-date information about your business, you miss out on opportunities to connect with your potential customer.

Each social media platform has its own set of features that allow you to create an account for your business. Ensure that you include information such as the business name, the username (if applicable), company description, profile photo, useful links, and company photos or videos in your social media profiles. Put as much detail into each section as possible and ensure everything is consistent. This helps users find you through the search bar and learn more about your profile.


Tracking engagement data

Engagement is the most important KPI for every social media channel. It's important to monitor those social media metrics that can greatly impact your business.

Comments, shares, likes, and retweets - are all indicators of the value of your social content to your followers. By constantly monitoring your engagement, you'll be able to understand which content is most appealing to your audience.

In the longer term, it will be beneficial to create interactive content and engaging social posts as well.


Keep an eye on and research Your Competitors

Competitors can give great inspiration for your social media activities.

Studying your competition can help you develop new ideas for your own social media channels. You can learn what keywords your competitors use, how they interact with their audience, the types of content they share, and their tone of voice. You can then use that information to find ways to implement those strategies while still differenti­ating your brand from the competition.


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