Looking for a digital marketing agency for your Philly-based business?

Sharing a passion for Philly cheese steak or rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles shouldn't be the only criteria you include in your agency search. Of course, as foodies and supporters of the local sports teams, we think those should definitely be prerequisites when picking a partner for business. But, on the digital side, there are three things you should consider.

Start with your needs

Why do you need a digital marketing agency? Is it because you're launching a new app or website? Check out Five things to consider if you're creating a new site in 2017 if you're starting something new. Is it to help you optimize your web presence? Or are you looking to grow your business online?

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Philadelphia has a rich heritage when it comes to marketing and advertising. The city is home to award-winning talent from across the globe with agencies that have been around for over a century and startup organizations that are reshaping the industry here. Not every agency is equipped to handle your digital marketing needs. Here are three things you need to ask them:

1. Can you help us with hardcore tech. stuff? That means databases, custom development, and infrastructure support.

If the agency can help you in this regard, from helping you figure out hosting to your domain strategy and backend databases, there's a good chance they'll be able to help you with your overall digital marketing.

2. Do you actually focus on user experience, not just visual design?

Some digital marketing agencies just focus on the development aspect, such as creating a site, setting up a content management system, etc. Other agencies focus on front-end design. A user-experience (UX) firm focuses on the user's interactions with the product they are creating. They create everything from the user's perspective by developing and testing user personas, journey maps, and user engagement. An agency that handles both technology and UX could bring tremendous value to your business by developing digital marketing that's in sync with your users' needs.

3. Can you help with marketing automation to  generate revenue?

This is the million-dollar (or put your revenue target here) question. What business goals will your digital marketing partner help you accomplish? A well-rounded digital marketing agency is one that brings value, not just technology options and creativity. They need to understand your business goals and generate value through the work they do. If they're just building things and not measuring results, usage, and engagement, then they're not going to be able to help you expand your business. If your philadelphia-based digital marketing agency can tell you who visited your site and when, what they were looking for, and how you should contact them to close the deal, that's the company you should choose to partner with.

Final thoughts:

In today's fast-paced world where MMA is the new boxing, digital marketing has a number of facets and you should be sure to vet your partner on all counts. 

Good luck with your search for a digital marketing agency in Philadelphia!

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