For the better part of the Internet era, a website has been synonymous with a .COM domain name. Apart from specific requirements of using a .ORG or .NET, top level domain (TLD), it has always been about having a website with a .COM domain. Cut to today's online world and a new generation of sites are sporting a creative new line of TLDs. Why?

With .COM domain names in high demand, people started buying generic and non-generic .COM domains available only to sell them at premium prices to companies who wanted a certain domain name matching their brand. With millions of .COM domains already booked, you now have a very low chance of getting a common english word or even a combination of 2 words available to register.

there is an extension for that

Looking at the .COM availability issue and expansion of the World Wide Web, ICAAN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) launched an initiative called gTLD Program enabling the largest expansion of the domain name system. There are now literally hundreds of TLDs available like .CO, .BIZ, .CLUB, .ONLINE, .XYZ, .INFO, etc.

.CO - a worthy replacement to .COM

Instead of trying to fit a .COM with multiple word combinations and longtail keyword names resembling your company, registering a .CO domain is a better alternative. This relatively new domain name .CO has all the features of .COM domain with an additional benefit of being one keystroke shorter (dare we say snappier!). It rolls of the tongue easier, is memorable, works for commercial or company use, and resembles .COM in every other way.

Domain names & extensions

some Other domains to consider

Top level domains are now available and classified in all different flavors and descriptors. There are domains which are suited to specific industries, such as .UNIVERSITY, .TRAINING, .CHURCH, .DENTAL, etc. Then there are domains available based on geography like .US, .ASIA, .IN, .UK, .VEGAS, etc. Domains that are profession specific like .DENTAL, .SALON, .EXPERT and many more.

You can check domain availability with an entire list of newly available domain extensions at

Be creative when choosing your domain name

If you are planning to register a domain for yourself or your company, search not only for the domain name itself but also a top level domain that matches your business well. Its time we look beyond .COM

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