Birth Supplies Canada (formerly Midwifery Supplies Canada) has decided to take its marketing efforts up a notch by hiring Consumer51 as its first-ever marketing firm. This move promises to strengthen the company's presence with consumers and create more opportunities for success. 

Consumer51 is an award-winning digital marketing firm that specializes in creating comprehensive strategies that are tailored to the individual needs of its clients. Birth Supplies Canada is a medical supplies company that has vendors in every province. While one of its largest customer groups is midwives, Birth Supplies Canada also services medical students, veterinarians, breeders, and even the film industry.

Birth Supplies Canada has had amazing organic growth since the current owner, Sue MacGregor, took over in 2016. “My customers know that they can expect fast shipping, quality products (BSC is Health Canada certified), frequent communication, and fair prices,” says MacGregor. “My reputation has enabled me to expand to every province in Canada without any marketing, but now I’m ready to take things to the next level. After meeting with Consumer51 and seeing their case studies and methodology, I knew they were the right firm for the job.”


According to MacGregor, Birth Supplies Canada’s immense popularity comes down to communication and trustworthiness. The company is Health Canada certified, so all of the medical products are held to the highest standards and are covered by a full warranty. BSC will quickly communicate if an order is delayed so that customers will always know the status of their order. A wide range of products and the ability to order in small quantities makes Birth Supplies Canada a one-stop shop, whether it’s an institution ordering in bulk or a medical student ordering a practice kit. 


Consumer51’s Director of Strategic Development, Justin Butler, speaks highly of the partnership. “We’re thrilled to help expand Birth Supplies Canada’s impact across Canada and beyond. Healthcare is an ever-expanding field, and with that comes an increasing demand for medical supplies from a trustworthy source. We’re proud to connect consumers with their best option.

About Consumer51

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