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Do these 11 things to keep your website in shape for business 

Has it been a while since you made any updates to your website? You're not alone. Of the countless websites around the world, only a few post fresh content every day (for the sake of this blog, let's exclude news websites and social media sites that get updated every few seconds). So, why does it pay to have a website maintenance program in place? There are several reasons: better search rankings, more traffic, higher sales, current information, better security, and optimization.

Remember, your website is a property, just like your physical office. If you're looking to create a new website in 2019, here are some things you should consider. You wouldn't let your office turn into a total mess, so why should you treat your website any differently? Chances are your website gets more visitors than your physical office every year. So, what should you do keep this marketing-technology marvel in top condition?

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Here are some recommendations from a digital marketing agency's perspective:

1. Test your site's performance and optimize to reduce load times. Best-in-class webpages should load within 3 seconds.

2. Don't skimp on security. Just as you wouldn't leave your office unlocked, make sure your site has the right SSL certificate.

3. Make sure your site works across devices and platforms.

4. Check page titles, meta descriptions, headings, and ensure that you have an updated site map for search engines to read.

5. If your site is running on a content-management system, such as WordPress, check for patches, security updates, and plugin upgrades.

6. Make sure your site works across devices and platforms. A responsive site also helps with SEO.

 7. Update your copyright and contact information across the site. A good practice is to use variables in your system for any information that's likely to change so you can make the change only in one place.

8. Blog on a regular basis. One of the advantages of having a blog is you can use keyword research to select the terms that you my be able to rank for and drive traffic to your site by blogging on the subjects your target audience would find helpful.

9. Optimize your webpages by adding calls to action. Letting visitors take then next step if they find content helpful isn't just a courtesy, it's also good for your business.

10. Analyze your site's traffic, user interaction, and usage patterns to determine what you should change or enhance in the coming quarters.

11. Consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help optimize your website for search, usability, and speed. Having a growth plan can help you convert your website into a revenue-generating asset. 


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You've invested in a nice site. Don't let it sit around gathering dust. Maintaining your website will ensure that you get a return on your investment and generate revenue through your digital assets. 

Get a no-cost website review from us and we'll let you know what areas of your website need a little love.

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